Thursday, February 28, 2008

you kiss me, then diss me, & now you say you miss me

tomorrow im going to Louisville/Boulder with my momma...getting away from
Denver for a few days. too bad its not out of colorado. oh well.
i move in just about 2 weeks. crazy man! ha.
i started taking phentermine again...its already making me have crazy
whacked out dreams. last nights was just..insane.
i was audtioning for american idol, or something similar, & my audtion song
was "weekend warriors" by a change of the end of the song, Torry from
ACOP came out & started singing with me. then the rest of the band came out & were playing their instruments.
after that we were in this half fun house/half creepy haunted mansion. i was talking to johnny acop & he was all "oh go over here with me, im scared to use the bathroom cause of the monster" wtf? then he was on the trampoline with jon acop & sanchez
& ob & brad from real world/road rules?!
so then they got like sucked up by the trampoline & this girl suzanne, that i work with, was all "oh no! not again!! this always happens"
we started freaking out looking for them, so me & torry acop grab this dude i went to high school with, DaShaud (who i haven't seen in so many years lol) & we were going to find the guys, but then they all came like skpping around the corner.
but then this gollum-esque creature grabbed OB by the collar & took off....then my alarm went off.
fucking nuts.

oh god.
tomorrow...tomorrow....I LOVE YOU TOMORROW.
hahahah i seriously can't wait, i love getting away, even if its only a few cities away.

& yeah, i STILL want to live on a beach. for real. i think in a couple years after im more established im gonna move to huntington beach or idk..somewhere with a beach. thats what i need in life.

Monday, February 25, 2008


so my sister is OFFICIALLY getting married in Vegas...06/07/08
yesssss! haha i've never been to vegas, so this is going to be great. my parents, my nephews & i are all going to stay at Circus!Circus! i think my sis is going to
the Bellagio or something.
im thrilled. hahaha
& im starting on phenteramine again. i had such good results last time
so this is going to be good, i can tell.

im really freaking excited to move too.
just a couple weeks now.

i guess thats all the exciting news for now

Saturday, February 23, 2008

up on the rooftop, listening to punk rock...

so i signed the lease today, so it's official
& i'll be moving to colorado springs, or BACK to colorado springs,
on march 15. yay.

& warped tour is looking positive for this summer.
june 29 @ invesco...gym class heroes, angels & airwaves, horrorpops, rise against,
& reel big fish. woooo thats going to be great!!
tonight, melanie & i are going to go to Entertainmart & im going
to find the MEST cds i need to replace & also am going to look for HomeGrown "Kings of Pop"


then we are going to the parrot.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


i'm really irritated today. i don't know why though..nothing really has happened to irritate me. well, thats life for you i suppose. so this weekend = lease signing & the thirsty parrot. yay!
can't wait to go party with my BFF in the springs & to (hopefully) see some of my other friends down there.
thinking about getting a new tattoo this weekend...not sure yet, but i'd like to. plus if im going to get one, i oughta do it before i have to start paying rent again, right? right!
koa's 1st birthday is just a couple weeks away. it's crazy..i remember when i first met mel & she was like...5 months pregnant? maybe?! i definetely didn't think we'd become the friends we are today. it's weird the directions life takes sometimes. hah. i just remember thinking "im not doing this bitch's hair" hahah look at us know, she's my best friend, practically my sister & Koa is one of the loves of my life!! never thought i'd be as attached to him as i am.
BUT..we are going to PUMP IT UP for his the springs. we have a place like it in Denver called MONKEY BUSINESS...Tiernon is SOOOO excited to go. "T i am so exiciting for pump it up monkey business" hahaha. that kid seriously says some of the funniest things to me. "I want to play with your friends little kid" any kids that are younger than him are "that little kid"...

you know, im really looking foward to this summer. i get to go to OKC & visit my family. im also hoping some great bands come to denver, so i can see some good shows. i haven't been to a good show in forever..well, senses fail & nfg was in november, but that was the last one. warped tour will be good this year i think.

im just so damn tired lately, i am trying to get adjusted to my synthroid again & im pretty sure its messing with me. all i want to do is sleep. but my thyroid levels are normal right now, so who knows...

my parent's house is FINALLY starting to look like a home again, rather than a construction zone. they got all of the flooring in the living room & dining room upstairs put in. got new furniture & a new tv...FLAT SCREEN. it's super nice! they just have to do the lower cabinents next..& the carpet in the bedroom & office.

it'll be so nice here once they finish.

well off to run errands

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ok so i failed at the writing everyday thing...but its ok.
i've been super busy i guess, just trying to get stuff together to move.
i've been buying little things here & there so that i don't have
to buy so much once i am actually moved out. i got a new set of silverware the other's pretty nice. im getting a new set of dishes & some new glasses.
i just want stuff that matches, in my first apartment, everything was stuff either my parents or my sister gave me...which is fine cause it was my first apartment
but now im at a point where, i'd like all of my stuff to match. i guess i'll just give the old stuff to goodwill or something?!

next weekend im going down to springs to go out with Melanie.
im sure we'll be at the parrot...

& then the following weekend, i'll be in Louisville. THEN on the 8th of March
it'll be Koa's 1st birthday...
& then finally, on the 15th, i'll be moving.
shit. this was pretty much my last free, lazy weekend. ha
it's cool though.
i went to my sister's house last night & hung out with my youngest
nephew Tiernon while he rocked out to guitar hero.
he's getting pretty good.
i think he finally understands the concept. ha

& i also colored my hair...
today i just bought a couple of things i needed at Target..
$50 later, i am home.
& now i think i'll go be a bum for a while

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

you're a SINKHOLE

well the sinkhole on I-25 is still messing things up.

oh boy.
well whatev.
someday it'll be fixed.

right now im tired as hell & if it snows as bad tonight/tomorrow as
it is supposed to, im sure as hell not going to work.
no sir ee.

well im going to go be a bum on the couch.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

remind me that we'll always have each other, when everything else is gone

im going to try to write on here everyday...even when nothing very interesting is going on. i've always found in my life that writing helps me express myself, helps me vent, or simply keeps me entertained.
if you don't like it...why are you reading it? i mean, really.

i told my supervisor today that my last day at Royal Crest will be
March 12. then i had a mini anxiety attack. really. ask my friends at
work. i kind of panicked, i think only because now with the lease being taken
care of & with giving my last day, etc, it felt finalized. i kind of have a phobia
of commitment. gee go figure.
anyways, im better now. ha.

you know, i realized i really have amazing friends. whether they are my close friends, my best friend, or just some casual friends. i've just surrounded myself with some really great people. im thankful for everyone. everyone who makes me laugh everyday, especially when im in a bad mood. i am thankful for the people who listen to me bitch, moan & cry.
thanks for being fucking rad people!!

i started packing some stuff last night. i figure i have like a month so im okay, not in a big hurry. but the sooner i get it done, the less i have to worry about later.
right? right!

Monday, February 11, 2008

i can lead the nation with a microphone...

iiiiiiii am really thrilled about my apartment. now i know im just going to be
insanely anxious until the day i move. but it's ok. i need time to pack the
stuff i have at my parents house & stuff. yay springs!

& currently my parent's house looks like a fucking construction zone.
ugh. they tore out their carpet & are putting down hardwood. wow.
its a fucking job. im glad im NOT doing it.

oh &...

my current ♥
-my hair heheh i haven't straightened it in forever. so ive been wearing it
wavy, or natural since this is how my hair is natural (of course i added a little product)

-my new ROXY phone case. isn't it cute?

-lords of dogtown ..i hadn't seen it since it first came out, & i forgot how much i love it!

(dude in the orange shirt is SO my friend sanchez. he even looks like him if sanchez had long, blonde hair hah)

i guess maybe i should go & start packing some stuff. maybe going
through my clothes?

happy day!

so i got my apartment. the leasing agent called.
i will go to sign the lease on feb 23...i won't move in till march 15.
but im fucking thrilled!!
oh man.
it's still a month but thats ok cause it gives me time to really plan
& have some $$ so that i can not be broke as a joke when i get down

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the move.

still stressing out over the move. im worried about not getting the apartment i want. worried about finding a job in springs. worried about pretty much everything. im very obviously my mother's daughter, the way i worry.

i feel good about going back though...