Sunday, March 21, 2010

to no shame, never playin' the fame game!

admittedly, i've been bad about blogging lately.
i've been really busy & really stressed. i'm looking for a new car because mine is just not doing great. i'm actually relieved to be getting a new one, looking at a Chevy HHR . yep. looks like an old school mafia car!

work is getting really busy, which i'm thankful for, so thats great.
Steph will be out here from Cali in a couple of weeks! I'm excited & Metro is putting on a production of RENT so that'll be a freakin blast!!

NEW MOON came out yesterday <3!! love it.

I lost another 3 lbs. I hadn't weighed myself in forever because when I was in Louisville I went off track a little bit, but nothing too bad. I really like the support group I'm in through Kaiser. The women in there are great! 
I'm really tired & feeling unmotivated to write or anything else. Blah. Sunday nights...i just want to be a bum

Saturday, March 13, 2010

my tattoos so far..

getting a cover up on my shoulder, over the lily. also recently got a feather on my thumb...starting my other sleeve next month!

good things are happening

I have had the most positive outlook on life recently, I'm so happy!
I mean, I've always been a very happy, positive, optimistic person, but lately, its been even more.
I've lost 21 lbs since my surgery. Everyone has been complimenting me like crazy, I am feeling already, 100x better! I still haven't tried certain foods, for fear of getting "stuck". it hasn't happened yet, I'd like to keep
it that way. No bread, no rice. But I have done noodles and so far, had no problems, however, I've still only had one fill, so that might change down the road a bit.

Last week, I got my cover up tattoo started. Ian also did my thumb, and next sunday I'll go back to finish it. Then we'll start my other sleeve, I cannot wait to see what he comes up with, with the ideas I've given him!

We are getting busier at the salon. So things are really looking up there.

Everything is going well right now. I am very very happy.

Viva is in a couple of weeks. I really want to go, I could ride with Christy but I don't know that i'll have the money for the hotel. We'll see. I'm definitely planning on going to Ink & Iron in June though!

Well I'm off, going to socialize with everyone here at the salon.


Monday, March 1, 2010

4 weeks

its been 4 weeks today, since my surgery. i've lost 21 lbs! i can't even believe it!!
i dont..i dont know what to think . i'm so beyond ecstatic! wow.

i am feeling so great.

i need to see Remember Me because I am in love with Robert Pattinson in this movie.
how funny..i dont generally like him. haha wow, good for him!
he looks like a man in that movie. he looks a little rugged, a little tormented lol, i love it!

next weekend im going to louisville for a scrapbooking weekend, which is greeat
since i haven't been to one in a while. then the following week i get a new tattoo!! <3 <3

other than that there is really nothing interesting going on with me and i'm finding myself to be way too tired to write anymore