Monday, March 1, 2010

4 weeks

its been 4 weeks today, since my surgery. i've lost 21 lbs! i can't even believe it!!
i dont..i dont know what to think . i'm so beyond ecstatic! wow.

i am feeling so great.

i need to see Remember Me because I am in love with Robert Pattinson in this movie.
how funny..i dont generally like him. haha wow, good for him!
he looks like a man in that movie. he looks a little rugged, a little tormented lol, i love it!

next weekend im going to louisville for a scrapbooking weekend, which is greeat
since i haven't been to one in a while. then the following week i get a new tattoo!! <3 <3

other than that there is really nothing interesting going on with me and i'm finding myself to be way too tired to write anymore


Drazil said...

What will your new tattoo be?

Band Groupie said...

Holy crap...5+ per week is awesome!!! I would have been over the moon!!!

Dear Gawd! Scrapbooking! My sisters/Mom keep trying to get me to join that cult! I can't even get all my pics developed, let alone thrown into a shoebox. I'm in awe of scrapbookers! I bos down before you!

Erin said...

@band groupie-
I LOVE scrapbooking. i've been doing it for years & honestly its such a form of therapy. its so nice because its good time spent with my mom too.

@drazil - i'm actually covering this lily i have on my shoulder (because i hate it, my tattoo artist didn't do it, it was this random dude who did it) it just doesnt flow with the rest of my sleeve so we are covering it with a couple of roses. and i'm getting hearts on each of my thumbs.