Thursday, March 13, 2008

if im just bad news, then you're a liar

man i definetely forgot how much of a pain in the ass moving is.
oh well. its always worth it!
& saturday is the BIG MOVE. haha i went to wal mart today & bought $90 worth of
cleaning supplies. sheesh. and i pulled my vaccum out of storage, so tomorrow im
going to go get it cleaned up before everyone comes down saturday.

yesterday was my last day at royal crest :\ it was kind of bittersweet.
i was a little sad, i even teared up a bit because i really like the people i
worked with there. but its time for me to move on with my life and move on with the career ive always wanted

today i just need to finish doing my laundry & pack the last bit of my clothes & shoes & i'll be ready to go. yessss. heh im a little excited. i got 2 really cute roxy shirts at ross today. gotta love ross lol.

well i guess i should be off to finish up.

Friday, March 7, 2008

surfside beach

i don't care what anyone says, Mike Birbiglia is 10,000x funnier than Dane Cook. & i love dane cook, we all know this!

so i've really been thinking about it & as scared as i will be to leave my family, it doesn't have to be anything permanant. but what im going to do is really save my money up & then maybe when my lease is up in the springs i can move down to texas. corpus christi, galveston or surfside. whatev.
yeah but..that is my plan of attack..

oh p.s. i move next saturday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i need to know, if i am doing this all on my own

i really wish i was strong than i am. don't get me wrong, im a pretty strong person. but i think about things like, i really really want to move. i mean, i love colorado, i think it's great & we've pretty much got it all here. but the one state in this country i think i'd love as much as colorado is texas. i've thought that for years now. i would really be happy in austin or i think maybe the gulf coast areas..surfside beach, corpus christi, etc. but im soo terrified to move. i'm afraid to go without my family. but i have to try it. i mean, i have a lot of friends in texas, mostly in austin & san antonio, but i could handle it.
i think i'd appreciate colorado more if i was away for a while.
i mean, i didn't leave for college, not like most of the people i know.
i've live all over this not ALL over, but maryland/dc, oklahoma, colorado..but it's been with my family. most people my age are far away from their families & they handle it just fine.

i just feel like i'd really like to experience some different things in my life, and i know now would be the time to do that since i don't have kids or a serious boyfriend or anything. so why can't i build up the courage to do so??

i just have to stop being so scared.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


ok. i am back from my weekend in Louisville. it was nice, relaxing.
but somehow, im more tired now, than i was when i left.
it was so nice all week, in the 70s yesterday & today..HELLO SNOW!
ugh, if theres one thing i really don't like about colorado, THIS is it.

well i move in 2 weeks. 2 weeks from yesterday.
im anxious. im excited. im getting nervous. i've gotta get a UHaul.
thats gonna be pricey. i still need a couch :\
& i havent packed a SINGLE THING. sure most of my stuff is still in
storage, but there are quite a few things here that i'll need to move. crap.
crap crap crap.

weeeeell. i don't really have a lot to say i guess.
oh im going to be interviewing at JCP Salon in Chapel Hills. that'd be nice
to get that job, cause i'll be making tips which always are a big help.
keeping my fingers crossed for sure.

Koa's 1st birthday is this coming saturday. aww yay!
can't believe he's going to be 1 already. its kinda sad but
time flies, right?

i seriously need to consolidate some of my things, i know i don't need
all of the stuff i have here. why can't i just throw some shit out?
yeah i think im going to start on that project.