Friday, April 10, 2009

i love fridays.

..i think its bar time

Thursday, April 9, 2009

oklahoma is burning..

Midwest City (where tinker afb is located) has been evacuated.
Lindsay (where I was born) is practically gone. burned.
the fire is in grandparents live in Choctaw. I hope my grandparents & my uncles, Jermz..everyone..i hope they are okay. this kind of thing terrifies me.

it makes me sad too. denver is home, i grew up here, i love it here. but oklahoma is HOME. oklahoma is where i was born.
my roots <3

525,600 minutes...

in 2 months i'll be seeing RENT live! mmmmmm yesssss! 2nd row- adam pascal & anthony rapp.
freakin sweet! i am so BEYOND excited. thanks to meghan for getting the tickets the day they went on sale lol. so worth $100!! i'll just have to control myself, so i don't sing out loud with the cast lol.

in 1 month, the guys are deploying to Afghanistan :( its so heartbreaking. gregory & ak are leaving (along with the others but realisticlly they are the 2 ill miss the most), danielle is moving back to pittsburgh as soon as the school year is over.
all my friends are leaving me. its depressing.

still looking for an apartment.
no bueno. i hate hate hate moving. ugh.

i have a headache from hell.

in other news, i have been at the tattoo shop A LOT lately lol.
i feel like a creeper cause im in there so much, but you know, i finally have a job where i can afford to get my tattoos, aaaand i kind of started my sleeve like 5 years ago, well, i actually only had like 3 on my arm and now i have my top half of my arm pretty well along.
not by any means finished, by far along.
my tattoo artist is the shit! i love the work so much!!!

..speaking of RENT & tattoos lol..
i think i'm going to get a lyric from NO DAY BUT TODAY as a tattoo.
i want "forget regret or life is yours to miss". if i dont do that (only because meghan wants that lyric too, i might get "give in to love or live in fear" OR just the title itself "NO DAY BUT TODAY". yep.

i took conner & tiernon to see Monsters vs Aliens the other day. haha it was really cute. plus uh, seth rogen does one of the voices. we all know i love him!

ok seriously. my head is going to probably explode