Sunday, July 20, 2008

its always better when im with you

oh im am simply ecstatic!
i got offered my job back at Royal Crest, which is awesome because
i'll start making really good money again and i wont have to
worry about my bills anymore..
&& im obviously still going to be working in a salon BECAUSE thats what i do!!
so ill be doing part time at JCP Park Meadows till i have a big enough clientele to make some good money.

oh denver, you are my life!!

now i just gotta find a house.

Monday, July 14, 2008

a life thats so demanding, i get so weak....

im so ready to get back to denver. i really miss it. i miss my family. i miss people there. i miss the places. ha i sound like a generic country song or something..
but its all true.
we still have to find a house...its a pain in the ass since i can't go up there that often & i really cant find anything online. damn. its much different from searching for apartments. blah blah.
hell, i still have to pick the salon i want to work at. i am leaning towards Park Meadows even tho i haven't been there yet, but mary seems to think i'll like the manager and that i'll be happy in that salon, so i think next saturday when i take the boys home i'll go over to park meadows & try to meet the manager if i can, see if i can get a feel for the place. im sure i'd like it...mary wouldn't steer my in the wrong direction lol.

but i have to know first where i'll be working before i can get a freaking house!!
its really kind of stressing me to no end right now.
not to mention the money factor. YEEAH.
i could probably loose my mind right now!
gah im seriously just so frustrated and so stressed..& there really isn't a lot i can do about it right now.
well by the end of august i'll be out of colorado springs, probably for good this time. i love the springs, its beautiful & part of me will always think of it as home, but its not the place for me right now.
last time i was here, it WAS the place for me and the right time.
this time around though, it was pretty much just a big party. its understandable. my closest friends spent 16 months in iraq..when they were home, all i wanted was to be with them everyday. of course!
& i did that..& now its time for me to go home and continue MY LIFE.
i can't do things for other people anymore, its time to just do things for me!!

im really anxious to get back.
i have good feelings about it.
i can't wait to hang out at the park tavern or somewhere in lodo.
i can't wait to shop at the mills or flatiron crossing or park meadows again.
i can't wait to spend time with my family and not feel like im on a freaking schedule all the time.

this is gonna be good...i can't feel it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

there's no surf in colorado anyway

just woke up from a 2 1/2 hour nap. it was nice. i can't do 15-30 minute "cat naps" if im going to take a nap, im serious about it!! lol

yesterday danielle, gregory & me went to garden of the gods.
it was fun but it was hot, it was like 102 degrees! ugh. but it was really pretty.
like 2 days before that we went to Manitou. Danielle is trying to soak in all of the things there is to do before they move. not that they know when thats going
to be, but whenever they get stationed back at home.
its been fun. im glad she & i became friends.
oh!! her & gregory got engaged on the 4th of july!!!
i was so excited. considering her & i have become good friends
& greg is like a brother to me!

well next week i'll have the boys down here in the springs for a
couple of days. im taking them to the zoo and maybe a few other places.

i guess thats it for now

Monday, July 7, 2008

sing like you think no one's listening...

my 4th of july was great. i spent the week in denver, with pneumonia (not great.) & spent a nice amount of time recovering. friday my fam & i went to jason & emily's new house for a bbq. it was nice because i haven't seen them in a while, hadn't seen their new house & i got to see some other folks i hadn't seen in some time.
then we went to olympia or olympic park..whatever its called, right by leyla's house. we watched fireworks there for about an hour & headed home.

of course i had to be back here in springs by 10am saturday morning for work.

mel & i went out to the parrot saturday night...NO ONE was there. literally not a single one of our friends was there. thats so odd. so we decided to go to cowboys. we made some new friends lol. nice.

work has been busy for the last few days. did haircuts at the in-processing at USAFA today. fun. buzz buzz here, buzz buzz there. lol

hellena & i need to find a house. fir might move in with us when she gets back to colorado. && i have to figure out which jcp salon i want to transfer to. gah moving and all this is such a hassle. it kind of gives me anxiety. blah.
well tomorrow i gotta run to r stafford & state and get some hair color for my mess of a mane. i want to try to get on with the art of hair...maybe if i work at RCD again making the big bucks until i can build a good clientle with someone like teresa or something. iiiiiii don't know.

ok. im out