Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

it's the blink of an eye....

its really amazing when one day you realize, that your whole world has changed..but not in a bad way. i'm happier right now than i've been in my life. things are going better for me than they ever have. i realized that things that used to seem so important to me, don't see as important these days. for example..going to concerts, meeting the bands/hanging out with the bands i like...that used to be the BEST thing in my life. it used to be so important. now .. even though i love music as much if not more than i ever did, partying with the bands isn't important anymore. i love my REAL life...its amazing. i have a better bond with my family than ever before, i have the greatest and most amazing friends. i love it work, because im doing something i love to do. i don't just work to pay the bills, i work because im passionate about it. not many people can say that. i decided not to go to warped tour this year..because even though there are quite a few bands i'd really love to see, there are so many other things that i enjoy more...that i'd rather do with my time and money. of course..theres things i DON'T want to do with my money, lol..but when it comes down to warped tour or utilities, you have to have your priorities. i can understand why some people i know don't worry about that because they don't have real responsibilities. they don't have bills, they still rely on other people. thats fine for them. of course, there are certain bands i'll never miss..senses fail, acop, etc. but honestly, i'd rather go back to vegas with my friends and create memories i'm never going to forget with people who i love and who love me. people who are important in my life. i'd rather go scrapbooking for the weekend with my mom. i haven't changed at all as a person, i'm still ERIN...same girl, same personality. but i've grown up, which is definetely more than i can say for some people i know..who are still stuck in the same place they were when we were 18. my priorities have changed, and i can sincerly say i am at a better place and am happier than ive ever been before. i'm at peace with's a great feeling