Friday, May 9, 2008

this just can't be summer love...

oh im so happy it's almost summer!! ♥
my most favorite time of the year.
& it helps that i have a lot of plans this going to vegas, *hopeuflly i'll get to go to texas*, warped tour, pikes peak, camping, etc..yessstt
should be a good one.

a change of pace should be here this summer too!! &Hearts; ♥
that would be amazing. i haven't seen them in a long time. too long.
anyways...still not a lot of excitment going on here in the springs.
just been going out with friends, dancing and working. as usual.
just like last time i lived here. only not so much dancing at rum bay this time around..

of course, i finally got cable & internet hooked up here at the homestead
so now i don't have to venture to the library oooooooor wait till im up
in denver. so thats nice.

i've been thinking really seriously about getting a puppy. i want a fairly small dog, cause its just not fair to have a big dog in this tiny apartment.
but im waiting till i know more realisticly what my pay is going to be looking like. since im still relatively new its hard to tell, but i have been building my clientele & working on that commission.

i just wish i could make up my mind. somedays i really love it here and can't even imagine leaving again. but then other days, i really miss my fam and denver. i think if i had more friends down here i'd be happier. its just that all of my friends, including myself, work ALL the time. so we only see each other on weekends.
and thats not always certain. i just get bored, i think thats my problem. the funny thing is, i think about running away to denver, where i really don't have many friends. i mean, i've got a couple obviously, but i think its just cause my family is there. hellena just needs to get a job here and move her ass back. and then if mel stays here it'd be awesome. but she is here for now, we just don't get to see each other very often :(

it sucks.
oh well. im out for now cause im sick of sitting on this barstool, its hurting my ass

Thursday, May 1, 2008

too much to do with no time to spare

wow. i can't believe i haven't writte since BEFORE i moved. well damn, a LOT of stuff has happened since then. i feel like everytime i am in the springs, life is very chaotic and there is just so much going on. weird considering denver is so much bigger with so many more people.
so i moved in to my apartment march 15.
we ended up hiring movers cause really no one wanted to move my crap up 3 flights of stairs haha.
so the move went pretty quick. leyla and the boys came down along with my folks to help me move. after that melanie and laney came over to help me unpack.
that night we well went to the parrot for St Patricks Day.
pretty much everyone was there.

when we left the bar that night, the guys (travis, gregory, & ak) got into a fight with some dudes out in the back parking lot. oh yeah, mel was in the fight too, she broke some dudes nose! haha awesome. well they all 4 got arrested and we had to hang out at the police station for like 3 hours. it was ridiculous.
i dont think anyone went out downtown for a couple of weekends after that lol.
i just started spending a lot of time with the guys that were ETSing.
Laney, Sanchez, OB, etc...
at the beginning of this month, me, hellena & jess put together these going away gifts for the guys that were leaving. we also had a HUGE ETS party for the guys at Jess' old apartment.
it was crazy. there were more people there than i knew what to do with.

there was so undue drama there as well. but it was just stupid so whatev. then that week, OB, Sanchez & Laney all left. i was pretty sad. i miss them all. but im sure i'll see Laney again, hopefully Sanchez too.
Jess left last Saturday. her & duncan went to Virginia. its definetely crazy to have pretty much everyone gone. Mel is still here, but i don't get to see her much. Hellena is obviously still here, but she is probably staying up in Denver. Gregory & Danielle are here and thats about it really. well i just got my cable & internet this week so i should be posting more often on this thing. but for now thats all i got